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Elementor Page Builder

The #1 WordPress Page Builder

Elementor is a highly popular open-source page builder with over 2 million daily users. Employing the latest development and design standards, it’s no surprise that Elementor is easy, powerful, customizable and absolutely extendible.

Incredibly fast.
Ridiculously easy.

If you’ve ever worked with other page builders, you will see the difference. Elementor is beyond fast, uncomplicated, and intuitive compared to others. Everything happens at the front-end, giving you instant results.

Full Control Over Layout.

Unlike all others, everything from sections to columns are under your control. Every inch of spacing and sizing is defined by you. There is no limit to what you can build with Elementor.

Section Width & Height

Resize columns

Column & content position

Padding & margin setting

Column gap

Taking Customizability to a Whole New Level.

Elementor in Jupiter X

Spacing and Sizes

Elementor in Jupiter X - Sizes & Shadows

Shadows, Blending modes, Borders

Elementor in Jupiter X - Alignments


Elementor in Jupiter X - Typography


80+ Elements. Zillions of Possibilities.

There’s anything for everything! From text to buttons and the more complicated testimonials and charts, Jupiter X comes bundled with over 80 elements that has numerous design options. You can even add third-party elements to your collection instantly without writing a line of code.

Elementor in Jupiter X - Features
Elementor in Jupiter X - Sections
Elementor in Jupiter X - Sections

Reorder your sections with a single click.

With Elementor’s powerful Navigator feature, you can reorder your layout section with a single click. It’s extremely useful in pages with a lot of content and sections.

Built for responsive design.

Elementor allows you to create completely different designs for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Elementor in Jupiter X - Revision

Craft with Comfort and Passion.

Copy and paste content between columns, sections and pages freely. Your content is safe with the auto-save and undo/redo options! Enjoy a revision history to help you move back and forth between different stages of your progress.


Revision history


Auto save

Save and Reuse Content.

Elementor makes it possible to easily save your webpage or part of it, and reuse it in other pages. You can even reuse the saved content in other websites, too.

Elementor in Jupiter X - Pre-made block templates

Premade Block Templates.

In a hurry? Let pre-made templates created by Artbees designers inspire you. A huge library of block templates for each section of your website.

New templates are added every month, so check back regularly!

Extendible and Open Source

Elementor in Jupiter X - Open Source

Elementor is an open-source software with a large community of developers, so its code is constantly improving! It can also be easily modified for deeper customization.

Script Optimization

Elementor is built with optimization in mind, so only scripts that are used are loaded

Replace URL

Use ‘Replace URL’ to transfer all your assets when moving to a different domain

CLI Integration

All CSS files come compiled and minified & load externally, enabling faster loading time

CSS Optimization

Use ‘Replace URL’ to transfer all your assets when moving to a different domain

Extremely Extendible

Use Elementor’s API to build your own widgets or connect to external tools
Elementor in Jupiter X - Elementor logo

2,000,000 users

can’t be wrong.

With over 1 million active installations in just 2 years, Elementor has proven to be the most comprehensive and popular page builder ever created for WordPress.

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