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Footer Builder

Design footers without limits!

Footer is an element that repeats in every page and it is part of your website’s identity and branding. Jupiter X footer builder makes it possible to customize your footer the way you want through a visual editor and for different devices.

Manage and customize widgets in real time.

Not only you can customize widgets visually but you can also add, remove and modify widgets while seeing the results in real time.

Jupiter X - Footer Builder Widgets

Create complex custom footers.

Jupiter X - layout possibilities with footer builder

Any layout is possible!

Even the most complex footer layouts are now possible with Jupiter X. Add as many rows and columns as you want, resize, reposition columns and their content, modify column gaps and much more!

Customize widgets to last bit

With Jupiter X footer builder, there are no limits to what you can do with your website footer. Design any types of footers and widgets within a drag and drop visual editor.

Dozens of readymade footer templates!

Give yourself a jumpstart and get inspired by Jupiter X pre-made footer templates. They look gorgeous but you can customise them even further.

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