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Form Builder

Meet Form Builder! Build your own forms from ground up!

To deliver a more interactive experience for your visitors, you need better forms. With Jupiter X Form Builder it’s now possible to build your own forms the way you want, with your own structure, layout and styling.

Build. Order. Re-order.

Quickly add and remove form fields, captions and buttons. Define the type of each field such as text, email, textarea, tel, number and the placeholder text you like it contain. Form builder lets you simply drag and drop the fields to reorder them.

Form Builder 2 - Jupiter X Features

Your form. Your Style.

Have you ever wished if you could have full control over the appearance of your form elements? Your wish is granted! With Jupiter X form builder, you can now change everything from background color to border thickness.

Form Builder - Jupiter X Features

Define feedback messages too!

Form Builder lets you activate/deactivate as well as define the content of you success message, error message, required message and subscriber message for your forms.

Define Actions. Enjoy Integrations

You can easily set your form to trigger a download or email action. Integrate your form to Slack to connect your customers directly to a Slack channel! Integrate your form with Mailchimp to automatically get your subscribers added to your mailing list. Your form can also be easily synched with your Hubspot account. 

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