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Header Builder

Unlimited header possibilities.

Forget about pre-made styles. Design your header the way you want, from the ground up! Get ultimate control over the appearance, placement and structure of your header layout as well as other elements for endless possibilities. With Jupiter X header builder, what you can achieve for your header is simply infinite!

20 header templates.

To save time and get inspired you can also choose from dozens of readymade templates and customise it in your way.

Jupiter X - Header Builder Visual Editor

Real time Visual Editor.

Enjoy adding or removing elements, change the layout and customsie the look of your header in real time while seeing the preview. A more convenient experience to build beautiful headers in no time.

Jupiter X - Header Builder unique responsive designs 2 - Site Logo
Jupiter X - Header Builder unique responsive designs - Site Logo

Unique header for tablet & mobile.

You have complete control over how your headers appear in different screen sizes, thus offering a far pleasant experience to your website visitors. Design beautiful headers for each desktop, tablet and mobile screens.

Jupiter X - Add any elements to header

All elements are available for header builder.

With Jupiter X header builder, you are not limited to typical header elements such as cart, search, logo and Navigation. You can use all Jupiter X elements from buttons and icons to text and image in your headers now.

Deep customization.

Header is your website’s identity. Unique looking headers that reflect your brand is only possible by meticulous customisation for each header element, a freedom that only Jupiter X can offer.

Jupiter X - Sticky Header

Customize Sticky Header.

Control your sticky header and Include elements which are important to your website and business. Just like the header, sticky header can also be designed from ground up with every single detail defined.

Jupiter X - Save & reuse headers

Save and Reuse headers.

Building content with Jupiter X is now faster than ever with header templates. Build a header and then save it for future use. Load and reuse your saved header templates in multiple projects and websites.

Unique header for each page!

With header builder, it’s now possible to create exclusive headers for each page. A whole new header with a new look and menu structure made just for specific pages. 

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