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Widgets & Sidebars

A whole new experience with
WordPress widgets & sidebars.

Widgets & sidebars are an integral part of WordPress but working with them has always been difficult as you have to deal with different settings in different places but that’s no more!

Jupiter X - Customize widgets & sidebar details

Customize every details
for Widgets.

If you need to customize the widget title, text, link, container and divider, Jupiter X makes it possible for you! Change font size, weight, color, hover, alignment, kerning and margins for every element in the widgets.

Jupiter X - Define multiple widgets for sidebars

Define multiple Sidebars


Jupiter X offers various sidebar placement options. Put a single sidebar in the right or left, put two sidebar in the right or left or put two sidebars in opposing directions.

Jupiter X - Visually edit widgets & sidebar

Sidebars visual customization.

Add background color to your sidebars or define radial or linear gradient background colors. Set color, thickness, radius and more for borders. Define different divider styles both for and between widgets and the main container. All of this and a lot more, to give you ultimate control over how your sidebar appears.

Jupiter X - define local or global widgets and sidebar

Different sidebars
globally or locally.

Define a global sidebar or design completely different sidebars for blog, portfolio, pages, archive, search and shop pages

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