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Collect and nurture & convert your visitors with Jupiter X Pop-up

Pop-ups play an important role to nurture and convert your visitors across their journey in your website. With Jet Pop-Up Builder you have everything you need to build both beautiful and efficient pop-ups.

Pop-up Builder​ - Jupiter X Features

Build pop-ups with Elementor

With Jet Pop-Up Builder you’ll be able to create new pop-ups using all widgets available in Elementor. Also, it allows you to add pop-ups to different widgets and its content.

Pop-up Builder positions​ - Jupiter X Features

Define the position of
your pop-up

Place your pop-up in a corner of the page or show it as a side slide, a bar in top or bottom or let cover the entire page!

Pop-up Builder Templates​ - Jupiter X Features

Preset Pop-up Templates

You can use pre-designed pop-up templates and layouts for different purposes from the Pop-up Library. You can import them and edit according to your needs with Elementor page builder, in the same way, you edit any other page.

Pop-up Builder Triggers​ - Jupiter X Features

Manage trigger events

Choose the events and set timers and dates when the pop-up has to appear on the page. Jet Pop-up supports all helpful events such as: On opening, User try exit, Page progress scrolling, Attached to widget, On set date and User inactive time.

Pop-up Builder Animation Effects​ - Jupiter X Features

Animation effects

Serve your pop-ups with pleasant animations and increase the engagement rate! Jupiter X pop-ups can appear with 13 different animations.

Pop-up Builder action buttons​ - Jupiter X Features

Pop-up action button

Pop-up Action Button widget allows you to create buttons that add Yes/No action to pop-up templates. Actions such as: Leave Page, Close Pop-up, Link and Close Constantly.

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