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Block Templates

Save and Reuse Your Design.

Building websites quickly and effortlessly. You can now save a part of a page as a block and reuse it across your page or website. Grab, edit and use tons of readymade page section templates made by experts.

Jupiter X - Block Templates Export

Use Block Templates Across Websites.

With Jupiter X, transferring content between websites has never been easier. Export a piece of your page design, and import it to your other websites, saving you precious time and tedious effort. 

100+ Readymade Block Templates.

Jupiter X comes bundled with an exclusive collection of beautiful templates to inspire you in creating captivating websites faster and more efficiently.

Jupiter X - Pre-made Block Templates

New Templates Added Every Month.

As part of the Artbees promise, our team is hard at work to deliver even more beautiful pre-made templates each month!.

The best thing? They’re all FREE FOREVER!

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