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WooBuilder brings more customization for WooCommerce lists, grids & taxonomies!

Professional e-commerce websites can now enjoy extra customization in the layout of their shop and product pages with WooBuilder. Say hi to more customized widgets, listing and grids!

WooCommerce widgets are now more advanced!

These four JetWooBuilder tools allow you to showcase products and taxonomies in a variety of ways on your shop loop and product pages. It’s time for more insightful, more visually appealing shop widgets!

woobuilder categories grid

Build and stylize WooCommerce categories inside customizable grids.

woobuilder products grid

Showcase your products inside grids with a variety of styles and customizations.

products list

Go beyond the regular WooCommerce product lists! More variety, more stylization!

woobuilder taxonomy tiles

Your product categories deserve a more creative and outstanding appearance!

Create your own product pages and for different products!

You now have all the tools and specialized widgets at your fingertips to create unique product page layouts. And you even have the option of creating different product page layouts for various products!

Make your shop page layout your own!

Tailor your shop page layout to the needs and preferences of your brand and products. The variety of widgets, listings and grids options offer layouts that work better for you.

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