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Smart Filters

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Faster, better and smarter filtering for your content and products

If you have a large product base or run a heavy-duty blog, then Smart Filters will provide powerful filters that make filtering and finding the right item for your visitors extremely easy.

Add advanced filtering to your products and custom post types

9 Powerful Filters

Your users will have all possible filter options to filter your content and find exactly what they need.

Supersonic Resulting

With AJAX technology put into use, filter results will appear for the user almost in real time.

A Critical Supplement to

This is a must for professional e-commerce stores! The only tool to put your large WooCommerce product repository in order!

A must-have tool for

smart filters booking websites


smart filters listing websites


online shops


Meet these 9 fantastic filters!

smart filters checkboxes filter

Checkboxes Filter

smart filters select

Select Filter

smart filters range

Range Filter

smart filters check range

Check Range Filter

date range

Date Range Filter

smart filters radio

Radio Filter


Search Filter

smart filters active

Active Filters

smart filters pagination


A preview of possible filters you can build with Smart Filters

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