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Other Features


Plugins Manager

Use Jupiter X exclusive plugin manager to easily install and update included plugins.

GDPR Compliant

Jupiter X provides tools to help you collect info needed for your Privacy Policy.

Mobile Editing

Switch to mobile view, and tweak every element to make it look perfect on any device.

White Label

With White Label feature you can replace the Jupiter X logo with your custom brand logo, disable the unwanted help links and personalize your dashboard as you wish.


In-line Editing​

Use the in-line editing feature to type directly on-screen, and make blog post and content writing an easy and intuitive process.


A search bar that offers easy navigation between different pages & dashboard settings.


Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts that save you time when performing various actions.

Copy Paste​

Quickly copy any element and paste it to a different place on the page, or to an entirely different page on your site.

Copy Style​

Copy the entire styling from a widget, column or section and paste it to another element with a click.

Customise Lightbox​

Even the look of video and image lightbox is in your control.

Global Colors & Typography​

Set the global colors and typography to make them effect the style of your entire site.

Custom Color Picker​

Customize the colors that appear in your color pickers throughout Elementor.


CSS Filters

Using CSS filters, you can play around with the image settings and add amazing effects.

Blend Modes

Mix up backgrounds and background overlays to create spectacular blend mode effects.

Shape Divider

Add interesting shapes that separate the sections of your page in many ways.

Box Shadow

Set custom made box shadows visually, without having to deal with CSS.


Typekit and Google font ​

Easily import fonts from popular cloud font libraries and start using immediately.

Font size: PX, EM, REM

Set whether your typography is scaled using PX, EM or REM, for better responsive design.

Text Shadow

Emphasize your content by adding a text shadow effect to any widget with text.


Section Width & Height

Go beyond the oversimplified and generic page designs, by having more control over the various sections.

Nested Columns

Create advanced layouts by nesting columns inside a given column. This creates a sort of inner section crucial for certain designs.

Content Position

Position your column and content, and stretch the column to the full height of the section.


Put any section, column or widget in the front or back, using the Z-index feature.

Margin & Padding

Set the padding & margin for sections, columns and widgets.

Column Width

Change the gaps between columns in order to let your design breathe.

Column Gap

Change the gaps between columns in order to let your design breathe.

Mobile Editing

100% Responsive

Use Elementor’s extensive mobile editing tools to create a website that is truly 100% responsive.

Responsive Column Width

Choose a different column layout for mobile by changing the column width.

Reverse Columns

This feature reverses the ordering of columns, so when you go to mobile the last column will appear on top.

Hide and Show Elements (Visibillity)

You can hide sections and widgets from showing on any device.

Custom Breakpoints

Change the mobile and tablet breakpoint values, to adapt your websites to specific device sizes.

Padding and Margin

This feature is used to make a different padding or margin size per device.


Scrolling Effects

Set a sticky header, footer or other section, and make sure your message follows your users as they scroll.

Entrance Animations

Add hover and entrance animations and set an interactive way for your widgets to appear.

Hover Animations

Create magnificent hover animations that add yet another layer of interaction to your website.


Contact Forms

Your visitor will be eager to contact you, after seeing the beauty and simplicity of Elementor’s forms.

Subscription Forms

Add an inline subscription form that your visitor can use to subscribe to your newsletter or service.

Action After Submit

Decide what happens after your visitor submits a form, including the triggered integrations.

Custom Messages

Create a custom message that is displayed in the form when the user interacts with it.

Template Library

Templates - Pages

Choose from a wide array of beautifully pre-designed templates.

Import / Export

Export your template and import it, including images, to any other site.

Search & Filter

Locate the template that best fits your needs by searching and filtering the templates.


Media Carousel Widget

Showcase your images and videos in a rotating carousel that looks amazing.

Slides Widget

Add simple yet powerful image sliders that are as easy to use and as optimized as it gets.


Let your visitors play a tune while they are visiting your site, using the SoundCloud widget.

Font Awesome Icons

Add any one of the long list of Font Awesome icons available in Elementor’s icon widgets.


Maintenance Mode

Set maintenance mode on WordPress, including coming soon and maintenance mode templates.

Developer API

Follow our extensive developer API and create add-ons and themes that extend Elementor.

Custom CSS / JS

Add custom CSS or Javascript to any page easier than ever.

Image Size

By setting the size of your image files, you can reduce the loading speed of pages.

Version Control

Want to roll back to a previous version? Easily do so with just one click.

Replace URL

Changed your domain? Run the Replace URL feature to make sure everything is updated with the new address.

HTML Widget

Enter your code directly into Elementor using the HTML widget.


Set the tag that surrounds your widget elements. You can choose from div, p, span and so on.

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