Extendable & Developer Friendly

High quality code that is both
powerful and flexible

Jupiter X is built upon state of the art open-source technologies therefore you can customize it even further to reach the unreachables.

Countless actions and filters

  • Add/modify HTML attributes like class, id, data.*
  • Add/remove HTML markup.
  • Override the page layout with code.
  • Replace default action's callback.

Smart flushing cache system

All assets are recompiled automatically, once a file changes.

Developer mode option

Write custom codes much easier while keeping certain features disabled to optimize code modification.

Automatic RTL CSS generation

RTL-specific CSS is generated automatically once RTL mode is activated.

Write custom CSS in LESS

Customize the code using LESS variables and it will be compiled automatically.

The power of Bootstrap

Easily customize Jupiter X components even further as Jupiter X is built upon the popular Bootstrap library.

Extend Theme Cutomizer

Add custom settings to any sections and values in WordPress Customizer

Custom CSS and JS

Easily add custom CSS and Javascript to pages and theme.

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