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WooCommerce Shop Customizer

Create original looking online stores. One that suits your brand.

Buyers trust shops that look geniune and original. A shop design that reflects your brand requires a lot of customizations that is not possible with WooCommerce plugin. Jupiter X though, just promises that. You can deeply customize and control your product list, product single, checkout and cart pages.

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Design for mobile

Design Separately for Mobiles & Tablets.

Most shoppers prefer mobile devices to buy online products. With Jupiter X your shop is not only responsive, but also you can create whole different-looking and optimized pages for smaller screen sizes.

Pre-built Templates

8 Beautiful Single Page Layouts.

Ready-to-use shop single templates for all purposes and styles.
Each template is 100% customizable, giving you endless possibilities.

WYSIWYG editor

Real-time Editing and Preview.

See all your changes applied in real time, so you can enjoy the highly visual and creative process of shop customization.

Content management

Add / Remove Fields and Other Shop Elements.

Enable or disable the elements to control every single WooCommerce item listed in your shop pages, so you can highlight the most important part of your online store — your products.

Personalize the Shopping Experience

Customizable Shopping Cart and Checkout Page.

Trusted online stores have a consistent design through the entire website experience. With Jupiter X, every hidden crevice and corner of your shop is under your full control.
Jupiter X - Customize widgets & sidebar details
Shop widgets

Your Shop widgets can now be customized.

Go beyond the limits of your default theme, and customize your shop widgets based on your customers’ needs and brand preferences.
Built for the world's number 1 e-commerce platform

Built For WooCommerce.

Shop customizer is built for WooCommerce, and addresses its customizability gaps, so you can build brand new online stores or upgrade your old WooCommerce shop sites.

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