Portfolio Customizer

Unlimited Portfolio Possibilities.

Your creations truly reflect who you are and what you do. Your portfolio should reflect exactly that. Jupiter X portfolio customizer provides everything you need to customize your portfolio presentation from A to Z, using a building process that’s fully visual with real-time preview.

Jupiter X - Portfolio List

Make Your Portfolio List
Your Own.

No more limits! With portfolio customizer, you’re now free to create your portfolio styles to your heart’s desire. Add, remove, or edit every visual attribute of your portfolio list within the visual builder. You can fully customize the layout and all elements within it including the grid container, featured image, post title, meta, excerpt, and call-to-action button.

Jupiter X - Show/Hide

Show / Hide Portfolio Elements.

Only show the content that matters to your users to minimize distractions. You now have the option to turn off specific elements in your blog list such as the featured image, title, meta excerpt, and CTA button.

Stylize Every Element.

With portfolio customizer, even the smallest details are editable, so change your portfolio elements as much as you wish to reach the perfect design you envisioned for your website.

8 Portfolio Single Templates.
Adding More Every Month.

Jupiter X -Customize Per Device

Customize for every device.

Many people will come across your work through their mobile devices. With Jupiter X, your portfolio is fully responsive to any device, screen size, or resolution to give your website visitors the best user experience!

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