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Multilingual and RTL Compatible

Jupiter X is multilingual!

Jupiter X offers solutions for any language from any locality. You can translate the theme to as many languages as you like!

Multilingual and RTL Compatible - Jupiter X Features

Compatible With Top Translation Plugins

Translate your website to any language. Jupiter X is compatible with top WordPress translation plugins like WPML and Polylang.

Multilingual - Jupiter X Features

Right to Left Characters & Layout Support

Jupiter X works with RTL websites and supports Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, Kurdish, Urdu, and more languages using special characters.

Your website layout, including the headers and footers, can also be equipped and optimized for
right to left content.

Jupiter X Is Growing Beyond Borders!

Creating your dream website in your mother tongue sounds a whole other level of fantastic, right? Well, Jupiter X now comes packed with German, Spanish and Turkish languages, and we are 3 steps closer to our diverse Jupiter X family! Can’t see your language yet? More languages coming soon!

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