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Visual Effects

Visual Effects Jupiter X Features

What’s the most important final ingredient to add to your content?

Visual Effects! And we have just that in store for you. With JetTricks, you can add the best motion and animation effects to your content without a single line of coding.

Visual Effects Jupiter X Parallax Effects

Apply Parallax Effect to Elements

Add an eye-catching motion feel to your page by animating your elements.

Visual Effects Jupiter X Sticky Elements

Make any Element Sticky

Some elements need to be sticky in your page, right? Try this feature!

Visual Effects Jupiter X Unfold Columns

Unfold Columns

Unfolding some of the containers, which expand only when interacted with.

Visual Effects Jupiter X View More

Animated View More Buttons

Add View More buttons to showcase the rest of the content when interacted with.

Visual Effects Jupiter X Hotspots

Add Hotspots

Your visitor interacts with your content by clicking on a spot and see relevant info.

Visual Effects Jupiter X Satellite

Element Satellite for Any Widget

Make a stack of elements over each other for appealing typographical effects.

Visual Effects Jupiter X Section Particles

Eye-catching Section Particles

Add and customize unique background animations to your page sections.

Visual Effects Jupiter X Tooltip

Add Explanations in Tooltip

Adding and stylizing tooltips to your elements has never been easier indeed.

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